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Our commitment is to you, and to ensuring that you have access to the best possible vet financing. We take care of the heavy lifting and leave you free to focus on the more important things.

We offer a straightforward and practical way for our clients to access veterinary loans for a range of services including home loans for veterinarians, investment loans for veterinarians, business finance for veterinarians, practice loans for veterinarians, car finance for veterinarians, car loans for veterinarians and even SMSF for veterinarians. Browse our services below or for your questions answered on the spot, simply call us.

Finance for Veterinarians

Are you a veterinarian looking for vet financing? At MediPro we offer a tailored service specifically for veterinary professionals who are seeking business and personal finance. Whether you are looking to expand your practice, want to buy new equipment or products or are looking for a new home, we can help you.

We are here to make finding the right product for your lifestyle and professional life simple. We do this by working alongside you and understanding exactly what you are looking for, and then securing you the best possible vet financing Australia wide.

We understand that as a veterinarian, you're busy and have a lot of responsibilities - which is why we make things simple. We offer our service at no cost to you and work hard to deliver ultimate satisfaction with the end product. We offer an end to end veterinary loans service which means that we work with lenders and can negotiate on your behalf, securing the most relevant lending product for you.

Many of our vet clients underestimate how protracted applying for and securing veterinary finance can be - but with MediPro by your side, the process is simple.

The MediPro Capital Finance difference: Many of our veterinarian financing clients are pleasantly surprised to find the rates and conditions that we can secure for them. Our veterinary business loans are fully comprehensive. Therefore, all you have to do is let us know the type of finance you are after; we take care of the rest.

MediPro Capital Finance for Veterinarians - Your Benefits

Our veterinary financing clients enjoy a range of benefits and are here to support you throughout the financing process.

  • Let us take care of the paperwork and spend your time on more important things
  • Access to all lenders through one point of contact
  • Secure your finance faster to get your loan sorted sooner
  • Offset account access to save you interest
  • Never pay us any fees. We negotiate with the lenders at no cost to you
  • Get access to the best deals for veterinarians

Comprehensive Range

We have access to a large number of lenders and business loans for veterinarians, which means that our brokers are able to find the best solution to meet your specific needs.

Medico Finance Specialists

With our focus on medical professionals, we've been able to gain access to specialist rates and lending conditions on personal and business finance for veterinarians that are unavailable to most brokers.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves in not only delivering a fantastic outcome for our clients, but also an exception customer service experience which will keep you coming back!

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Brad Haynes

Owner and Director

Medipro Capital Finance


  • We have over 25+ years experience, specialising in business loans for veterinarians.
  • Exclusive access to rates & products for medical practitioners
  • Rates lower than 3.0%. Borrow up to 100% with no LMI
  • We have the expertise to secure the loan you want, sooner
  • We specialise in your industry - we work with you in achieving the best possible solution
  • Dedicated lending specialist to handle each step of your lending journey
  •  Borrow up to 100% with no LMI

Compare the personal and veterinary business loans from over 40 banks and lenders in one go!

Save time, money and hassle and get the lowest possible interest rate on your loans

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with MediPro Capital Finance for veterinary financing?

MediPro Capital Finance has specialised in providing vet financing for over 25 years. We understanding how important every minute becomes as a medical professional, which is why we are here to save you time and stress when organising crucial vet financing. We compare over 40 bank and non-bank lenders to find you exclusive deals that meet your requirements in order for you to save time and money.

At MediPro, you are not another number to us. Your dedicated finance specialist will manage the entire finance application process for you from start to finish. Get started today by booking a 15 minute meeting with our team.

What kind of veterinary loans are available?

When it comes to veterinary financing, there is plenty of opportunity to secure the ideal loan for your unique circumstances. Veterinary loans available through MediPro Capital Finance can include:

If you’re unsure what kind of vet financing option could be right for you, get in touch with our skilled team who can find you the perfect finance solution.

What are the benefits of veterinary loans?

Lenders provide many favourable finance conditions to medical professionals due to the security of the professional. Some of these attractive conditions include better interest rates, low or no deposits, the possibility of no Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, minimal paperwork and so much more. For more information, reach out to our team today!

Is vet financing available before being fully qualified?

The MediPro Capital Finance team has helped medical professionals at all points of their career, from the university and training stages, through to the very end of their career. For more information on a finance solution that could be suitable for you, get in touch with our passionate team today.

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