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We offer a range of investment and lending services for all types of financial decisions. When you are going to invest or buy, make sure you work with us for access to the best possible rates, and a complete financing solution.


In 2009, the global financial crisis changed the world of finance irreparably. Over the next few years it was becoming increasingly difficult to give a client expert advice as financial institutions chopped and changed their minds about lending criteria so often. This made it harder to service clients with any real integrity whilst the financial industry was experiencing so much change in a short time. With a long professional history that spans over decades in Medical Finance; working for companies such as Medfin, Experien and Investec, Founder and General Manager, John Paynter, wanted to continue to provide a superior, financial alternative to conventional banking. The only way to be sure to provide a service such as this, was to become independent, and to sift through the loads of information and options out there in search of the ultimate financial solution for his clients. MediPro Capital Finance was born from that passion to provide a superior service, advice and choice. It is that passion that saw the business grow and expand over the years, and we're proud to say that it has a lot to do with our loyal client base that makes our business what it is.

Why US?

We happen to be great at what we do, and value your business. The financial industry is highly competitive. The fact that MediPro has been successful speaks to our integrity, as it is our clients and their referrals that have kept us here. Reputations are hard earned, and loyalty easily lost. We ensure that this is in the forefront of our mind, and our business whenever we sign up a new client. Once a client of MediPro, you're a client for life.


To be the leading alternative Specialist Financial Solutions Experts within Australia, through working with genuine integrity, knowledge and experience, while injecting real personality into everything we touch.

Our Passion

 to build trusted relationships with our clients based on the delivery of exceptional service and value.

We Value Integrity

to ethically and honestly do what we say we will do.

We Value Fun

by allowing the joy of life and the pride of achievement to be expressed and fully experienced through our work and relationships.

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Meet Our People

The MediPro Team

Photo of John


John Paynter


Nicholas Foley

Lending Specialist

Olga Iouchina


Nandika Wijayatunga (Nan)
Photo of Brad


Brad Haynes


Darryn Mah


Beth McManus

Adminstration Manager

Priscilla Warwick

Lending Specialist

Sarcia Jansen
James Haynes (Lending Specialist),

Lending Specialist

James Haynes

Marketing coordinator & consultant

Gabriel Yau Wong

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