MediPro Capital Finance’s industry experience and strong relationships with financial institutions has helped a busy doctor beat a difficult situation to secure a dream home, while preparing for future business endeavors.

Dr Alex Burgansky, a general practitioner from Bulleen, Victoria, experienced difficulty with his existing lender when he required a mortgage for a new home prior to selling his existing property. He then engaged other mortgage brokers in an attempt to find a solution but did not achieve that until he began working with MediPro.

“Things didn’t go smoothly with my existing bank and even though other brokers say they are trained to deal with doctors, I did not get the service, experience and result I needed. Another broker initially seemed to be proactive but disappeared when they discovered my situation was somewhat complex,” Dr Burgansky said.

“However, when I began working with Brad Haynes at MediPro I didn’t need to explain how doctors operated. Brad and his team helped me find and secure a suitable loan and I was able to buy the home of my dreams.

“They understood which banks would be useful to deal with in my situation, organised a deposit bond and helped me complete all the paperwork required.

“In the end they helped me get the approval through my personal bank, which was fantastic.

“Sometimes people get concerned about finding the lowest interest rates but those things don’t matter if you can get the deal done.

“Brad returns all your calls and addresses your concerns in a timely manner and always follows them up, which is important to time-poor medicos.”

MediPro Director Brad Haynes said that Dr Burgansky’s situation was always going to be manageable with the right help and advice.

“At MediPro Capital Finance we understand how to assess situations to make them work as successfully as possible for medicos,” Mr Haynes said.

“In Dr Burgansky’s case we were able to get him a discount on his existing home loan – which saved him thousands of dollars – before we worked with the right channels and contacts to secure his new home loan.

“On top of this we were able to turn everything around in the three weeks leading up to Christmas, which was a great result for Dr Burgansky and it’s the type of service we always aim for here at MediPro.”

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Updated: 07/05/2021


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