Right now it’s almost impossible to escape the impacts of COVID-19, from shopping for everyday items through to changing work arrangements for many Australians.

However, the Reserve Bank has set interest rates to a record low and many houses are still selling quickly. For many ‘in-demand’ medicos looking to buy, it may still be the right time providing that the right property turns up at the right price.

Real estate agents are offering ways around for those choosing to self-isolate, such as ‘virtual tours’ and the increased availability of remote online auctions, all from the safety of your own home.

At MediPro, we’ve always offered an over-the-phone service that works for you during hours that suit you. And now more than ever, we’re able to make the status and stability associated with your medical career work harder for you when applying for a mortgage or a business loan, or something that’s even more attractive right now, refinancing to make the most of the current low rates.

Most of the banks are currently scrambling for market share which means there are some amazing offers. Some options now have the number ‘1’ in front of their interest rate figure and we can help many of you take advantage of such offers.

As usual, we know which banks to speak to regarding refinancing or home loans for dentists, doctors, vets and other specialists that take the most advantage of an individual’s situation.

Most importantly, we want you to stay safe and healthy. Feel free to call us with any questions, any time, with your home loan needs.


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