The team at MediPro Capital Finance is helping an increasing number of medical professionals get into their first homes thanks to favourable interest rates and market pricing that is currently favouring newcomers.

The company’s dedicated staff members are all more than happy to provide their valuable advice customers. Here are some common home loan questions answered by the staff at MediPro.

4 Frequently Asked Home Loans Questions

How much does it cost to work with MediPro?

Working with MediPro Capital Finance comes at absolutely no cost to the borrower.

I won’t try to sugar-coat it, getting everything organised for a home loan approval can be a difficult process, especially the first time around.

However, we’ll work with you every step of the way, during times that fit in with your busy schedule.

Because banks understand the time and expertise involved in managing this process, they’re willing to pay us to get it done properly, meaning that our customers won’t need to pay us a cent. 

John Paynter – Managing Director

Why go with a broker that specialises in medicos?

Our managing director John Paynter made a decision early on to specialise in working with medicos because of his deep admiration for those that dedicate their lives to become dentists, doctors, veterinarians, specialists and allied health professionals.

Everyone working for the company has taken on his level of respect for these professions and just as importantly, they’ve also taken in the lessons he’s learned in finding the best home loan products for medical professions.

All staff at MediPro understand how to utilise the high-ranking status of medicos, to make the lenders work harder for them in getting more favourable arrangements.

It means that whoever you deal with here will be able to quickly find the right home loan provider and product to help you pay the lowest interest rates.

Brad Haynes – Director

How much can I borrow without paying lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI)?

One of the great things for us, working exclusively with medical practitioners, is that we can often get first home buyers into their loan without them needing to pay LMI, even when financing 100 per cent of the loan.

Not all lenders or brokers understand that this is possible when working with medical practitioners but with the cumulative experience on hand at MediPro Capital Finance, we’re often able to make this a reality for our customers.

LMI can cost borrowers a large amount and it’s only insuring the bank for potential losses – not the consumer – so we do everything we can to help our customers avoid it and get the best possible deal.

Simon Yeh – Lending Specialist

I’ve found the perfect property; how quickly can I get pre-approval on a home loan?

One of the great things about MediPro Capital Finance is our knowledge of the banking sector and strong relationships with all leading lending institutions.

While some broking firms have relationships with a smaller pool of lenders, we understand that the needs of our customers can be varied and our loan sources need to be too.

As members of the Australian Finance Industry Association, we keep a close watch on what the industry is doing in terms of government and regulatory influencers, as well as lenders themselves.

Our relationships with Medfin, BOQ ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Auswide Bank and other lenders large and small, our knowledge of the benefits of each of them and our expertise with getting fast pre-approvals means that you won’t be waiting around – getting bad advice and direction – when you should be getting into the house that you deserve.

Sarcia Jansen – Lending Specialist

Interested to learn more?

Have more home loan questions or want to learn more about securing the best doctor home loan Australia wide? Speak with the MediPro Capital team today by calling us now on 1300 DR LOAN or getting in touch with us online to get started.

Updated 25 April 2021


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