I have been in business for over twenty years, utilising the services of two of Australia’s major banks. When requesting both organisations the opportunity to negotiate the refinancing of my two current loans, I discovered both were unwilling to apply flexibility to their lending practices, hence I commenced the arduous task of searching the market to meet my needs. My accountant introduced me to MediPro. As I reside on the Sunshine Coast, they travelled up and meet with me at my home, conducted a meeting that lasted for one hour. At the end of the meeting MediPro were able to confidently predict they would be able to source a lender to meet my requirements. Within three weeks the loans applications were processed and approved at rates that provide my business with substantial benefits in the decrease in the cost of the loan repayments. I have never in all my years in business met a company in the financial sector like MediPro. With their attitude, respect and service for the customer their business card will always remain in the top draw of my desk.