We have been fortunate to know John for many years on both a professional and social level. We have just commissioned John and MediPro for our 6th home loan and second car loan and on each occasion his professionalism, guidance and assistance has been exceptional. Further, with Johns many contacts in the industry and unbiased commitment he has consistently delivered better than market rates on each of our loans. As a Doctor and an Engineer, we value professionalism and having a friendly face that can help guide us through the maze of options with each new acquisition and this is truly one of John’s skills. It is a great honour to recommend John and the team at MediPro to anyone looking for a home, business, commercial or vehicle loan and would go as far as to say that you would never need to look anywhere else. We don’t as we know that we will always get the best deal and by far the best, most flexible and most attentive service.