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  • We do all the hard work
  • Solutions for every financial circumstance
  • Access to the best rates for Medicos
  • We deal with lenders who have special rates for Medicos

Did you know that vets may be eligible for a lower rate or special discount on their home loan? Vets are eligible for these kinds of special rates because this profession is known to hold low-risk borrowers with higher incomes than the average borrower.

If you’re seeking a home loan, you may be surprised at the size of the discount you may be eligible for, just because of your professional association. So, whether you are looking to buy your first home, are seeking to refinance, to renovate or are in the process of expanding your portfolio through investment, MediPro Capital Finance will open up a range of exciting loan opportunities. With us, on your side, we can save you money through a discounted veterinary home loan.

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Veterinary Home Loans

As a vet, you are in a position to save potentially thousands of dollars on your home loan. The reason why banks are happy to lend to vets without lenders mortgage insurance is because vets tend to have higher incomes and stable professions. What this means for you is that you may be able to take a loan with a much lower interest rate than usual, with the potential for waived lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) – a fee usually charged if you are borrowing more than 80% of your property’s purchase price.

A home loan for vets works much the same as a home loan for a non-Vet or health care professional, except with the option for a more favourable interest rate. But not all banks and lenders provide home loans with these kinds of conditions, which is why you absolutely must work with a broker who understands home loans for vets.

As your financial ally, we work closely with lenders and financial providers to ensure that you get a competitive rate – as well as any discounts that may be eligible for:

  • We compare lending options and get you the best possible product
  • Lock in a loan with lower fees
  • Dedicated service from lending professionals

Specialised Veterinary Home Loans from MediPro Capital Finance

When a home loan is on the horizon, contact us at MediPro Capital Finance to ensure that you get a competitive rate. We can help you save on lenders mortgage insurance and can negotiate on your behalf. We are veterinary finance professionals based in Brisbane, and we service vet clients from across Australia who are all just looking for the best possible loan.

Secure Your New Veterinary Home Loan With Medipro


Our team of MediPro Capital Finance specialists are here to provide exceptional service every step of the way. We are experienced in working with vets and veterinarian professionals and are here to ensure you understand your options. We want to help you make informed decisions when choosing the right veterinarian home loan.


We want you to feel confident that you are getting the best possible vet home loan. When you work with us, you will have access to a range of financial products from our lenders, which means you won’t have to worry about missing out on a better deal.


When you want to find a new financial product, it can be time-consuming to go through the range of products available on the market. We give you back your time and ensure you get the best possible deal for your circumstances.


Want to secure the best possible lending product? We save you time and money and ensure that you receive a great interest rate with the potential to avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance.


Our service is offered at no cost to you – from start to finish. We recoup our fees by securing you a lower rate and working with the lender to receive payment. Not only do you save money, but you don’t have to pay for the privilege.

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