Our Partners

At MediPro Capital Finance, we are specialists in lending.  Therefore, we believe that it is important to surround yourself with a team of specialists in every field in order to ensure that you are fully across any decision you make.  We have hand-picked and work closely with industry specialists covering all areas of finance, and we will be only too happy to connect you with any specialist that you may need.  We work closely with them to ensure that the end result is one of quality and ease.

Insurance Solutions


Life Insurance and Income Protection is often a requirement by some lenders, and could potentially be a condition of a loan that needs to be met prior to any property settlement.  Just like any insurance premium, it is important to stay across the latest costs of your premiums, and should be revisited at least annually to make sure it reflects your current circumstances and isn’t out dated.

If you currently don’t have either of these in place, or would like a second opinion on your current policies, our specialist insurance partners would be more than happy to review your insurances to give you peace of mind. Our consultations are complimentary and obligation free.

To know more, speak to your MediPro Specialist.


CMH Accounting Solutions

CMH Accounting Solutions specialises in tax and advisory work for professionals particularly within the health industry.  Our firm offers, personalised service and tailored advice based on our  understanding of your business.

We work with several accountants who specialise in their field, including medical, business and general. In our opinion, there are 4 reasons why good accountants are so important.

  1. A good accountant should help you manage expenses. This is by far the most crucial of jobs to ensure your success and growth.
  2. Your accountant should know your industry, and know the best loop holes to providing you with the best advice applicable to you and your industry.
  3. You should be receiving correct, unbiased and professional advice, to help you make the right decisions for your financial future.
  4. Your accountant should save you time, by being at the ready with any information that you need, and to work directly with other financial professionals when need be, in order to let you get on with your business.

If you need an accountant, or would like to deal with a specialist in your industry, then speak to your MediPro Specialist for a referral.  We would only be too happy to connect you with the right people.

Conveyancing/Legal Advice

Chris Humphrey

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management is a boutique CPA wealth management practice that provides high touch, innovative financial solutions and investment advice.

We often find that at the last minute clients ask if we know of a good conveyancer…we do. Whether you simply need someone to settle a loan or act as your agent when closing on a property or if you need more specialised legal advice, we have several that we can recommend depending on your needs and circumstances.

Property Buyer’s Agent

Bridge Investment Group

Brisbane’s leading buyer’s agent. Providing sophisticated investment opportunities for discerning, time poor professionals.

Being fortunate enough to have access to finances to purchase an investment property is obviously just one piece of the puzzle. Often finding the best investment property for your needs can be time consuming and confusing.

We work with a couple of buyers’ agents and advocates who (according to our past happy clients) provide a personalised service second to none. They can find you the right property to suit your needs and budget, while taking a lot of the “hassle” away.

Property Management


Accombris is a full service Property Management company managing properties from Inner City to greater Brisbane, including Western Corridor towards Ipswich, Southern side to Coomera. Our team has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry and we pride ourselves on being passionate about the properties in which we manage.

So you’ve purchased or are about to purchase an investment property…. who’s going to manage it? You can look up the closest agent in the area and hope for the best, or you can ask us to refer one to you. It’s a major asset that you have acquired, it deserves having a dedicated professional looking after it.