At MediPro Capital Finance, we specialise in finding the right mortgage and home loans for doctor to suit the property you are buying or re-mortgaging. We specialise in working with medical practitioners and professionals, and as a result, we can focus on sourcing competitive mortgages deals suited to your business or personal financial situation.

For your mortgage needs, turn to someone who understands your industry – an experienced mortgage broker in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. Make the right choice with the right team.

Why Choose MediPro Capital Finance?


Other than your industry, we also know our market. We have an access to a network of lenders providing loan products specifically designed for borrowers of your profession.

By combining this with our professional expertise, we connect you to competitive home financing options while offering personal attention tailored to your needs.


We will be the one doing the paperwork and following up the progress of your loan application. We have a system of meeting you at your convenience, keeping you updated, and saving you time.


Get valuable advice from our specialists so you’re guided accordingly throughout the application process. We will answer your questions clearly, set the right expectations regarding securing your property, and be there to assist you every step of the way – and beyond.


We don’t charge you for our expertise and service. The lenders will pay us a fee when the loan is settled. Our bottom line is personalised service that goes the extra mile to find the most suitable financial solution for you.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, looking to fund a practice, or searching for a re-mortgage deal, let MediPro lend a hand. To get started, contact your MediPro Lending Specialist today.