Home Loan for Accountants

Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

We provide access to home loans for accountants, accompanied by a service tailored to both your professional accounting practice and to you personally, as an accountant. Given our specialisation in this field, MediPro Capital Finance have the contacts and expertise to grant you access to the best lending solutions available to you. In doing so, always keeping your situation in mind as to the best structure vs. the best rate. We can confidently say that we have access to the best rates in the market, as well as the best products. We will find the best solution for you.

Here are some of the benefits we can offer:

Invaluable service and guidance

Be confident and well informed every step of the process. Through our guidance and advice, you can trust your decisions and stay in control as you enter the complex world of the property market.

Specialist Expertise

Seek assistance from someone who does not only understand the property market, but also your industry. Our specialists can compare the available options and negotiate for the best rates available, so you know you are not missing out on a better deal.

Zero Cost

You read that right – we will not charge you a cent. Our service and groundwork are 100% free. We receive our fees from your lender when the loan is settled.

Face-to-face Service

Receive advice and guidance personally from a MediPro Capital Finance specialist, who will assist and be with you throughout the application process.


Let an expert do all the loan hunting, negotiations, paperwork and legwork. Everything is faster and easier because you don’t have to deal with the financing hurdles yourself. Because of our expertise, our specialist is able to secure your loan sooner.

Are you ready to take a step towards your goal? Talk to our specialists today to get started.