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We are Medical lending specialists for Australia

At no cost to you, we source the whole lending market to access the best rates, structure and solutions so you can enjoy the benefits faster.

✓ Exclusive rates for doctors from 2.19% p.a.

✓ Borrow up to 100% with no lenders' mortgage insurance (LMI)

✓ Dedicated professional service with industry experts

✓ Compare the best loans of over 40 banks and lenders in one go

Some of the Lenders we work with

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We Work For You, Not The Banks!

We are here to help doctors like you get the lending solutions you need. We provide a way that’s simple, friendly and comprehensive. The interest rates and lending conditions on offer are attractive and favourable.  

What We Provide

  • We have over 25+ years experience, specialising in lending for medical practitioners
  • Exclusive access to rates & products for medical practitioners
  • Rates from 2.19% p.a.
  • Borrow up to 100% with no LMI
  • We have the expertise to secure the loan you want, sooner
  • We can help structure your finance & loans to your personal circumstance
  • We specialise in your industry - from intern to retirement, we support your journey
  • Boutique lending specialist dedicated to you and your needs

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Doctors and medicos seeking finance are in a position to get benefits and offers that others don't have access to.

Rates from 2.19% p.a.

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