Brad Haynes

The Professional


Lending Specialist


  • Associate Diploma in Business Management
  • Cert IV in Financial Services


Brad’s extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate, has equipped him with a unique foundation of knowledge of the concerns and goals of clients. Brad’s career has spanned decades in the industry. Equally, Brad has extensive experience within the medical arena and has a passion for delivering top shelf service while searching and delivering the best cost and tax effective solutions to the MediPro client base. Brad Joined the business in 2015 and has been integral to the recent growth we have experienced.


With decades of experience within the real estate, medical and professional business space, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive practical business acument to help deliver unparalleled service for his clients.

Brad’s Credit Guide

Credit Guide

The Person

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Aside from my family, it genuinely comes down to be able to help people.  I thrive on the notion of being able to add value to family, friends and clients in whatever way possible.  Networking and building relationships that genuinely enrich people’s lives for the better.

Name 3 people you want to have dinner with – dead or alive – and why

  1. Greg Norman – Sporting idol and impeccable business acumen. I could learn a lot and would find it very interesting
  2. Richard Branson – I just love his life philosophy and business acumen
  3. My Grandparents – Now that I am older I would love to re-live some of our old conversations…so many questions!
What are your pet peeves?

  • Disingenuous people
  • I don’t really have any others; life is too short!